Monday, September 14, 2009

Lost Ground masters and Polar Bear Club record release weekend.

So we got the masters for Lost Ground back from Kurt at Godcity just before we left for the Polar Bear Club record release show in Buffalo NY. It sounds great and we're all siked. We'll be practicing some new songs and playing a couple of them on our October/November east coast tour.
Honestly, I can't believe we made it to Buffalo and were not too late for the show. We were up and at em' at 8am and in the van by 9am. Gus was still drunk from the night before and none of us wanted to drive but we pushed on, hungry and tired and we still made it to Buffalo in time to hang with Polar Bear Club before the show. Met a lot of new people and ate a lot of pizza and burritos before the show kicked off. The first band that played, Such Gold was fucking rad. Sounded like old Crime In Stereo from the Explosive And The Will to Use Them era. Sick. Then we played and that was blah blah blah and then Forfeit. It was my first time seeing these guys. Obviously I had heard a lot about them because Reaper Records is just killing it right now but I had never seen them before. I think we were all very impressed and realized we had been missing out. Gonna have to play with those dudes again sometime soon. Nice guys too.
After Forfeit, Polar Bear Club was up. They played a couple new songs that seemed to get just as good a reaction as some of the old jams so that's good sign. They have to be the tightest live band going right now. Every song sounds so good. Anyway, they played and our party kinda split up. We ended up heading back to Emmett's place in Syracuse so we could hang there all day before the show the next night. We slept in, ate some Mexican food, saw some funny looking metalcore kids waiting to get into the Emmure show and watched the NOFX reality show on Fuse before we headed over to the venue. The line up for the second show was Night Owls(former members of Another Breath), us, Fireworks(fun boiz) and Polar Bear Club. More pizza, more beer, more people and a big party afterwards. We danced, we drank, we got loud, I didn't sleep well and then we woke up and started driving to Hartford for our show with Have Heart, Cruel Hand, Crime in Stereo and Foundation. Solid fucking line up. I think the venue was a little bummed with the turn out but what did they expect when they book STRYPER right next door?! No one can compete with that. No one. Anyway, the show went well. We had a bunch of friends from The Stereo State, Hostage Calm and Make Do And Mend come hang out s that was definitely a nice way to end the weekend.

Now we're back to the damn grind of work and school. We've got that weekend with Hostage Calm coming up and then before we know it we'll be heading out on our east coast fall tour to The Fest and back. Dates for that just went up on our Myspace so head over there and check em out. Thanks for reading! We'll have more news about the upcoming release and any other shows coming soon.

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