Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last night Ruiner slept over and Steve had a wet dream.

He was dry humping our hardwood floor. I know, right?

So anyway, every Monday from now on we'll be posting a song from Travels that hasn't been on Myspace before. We'll do this until the entire album is up on our page or the new double 7", Lost Ground, is released on November 17th. We're too slow to do the math and figure out which will happen first but it's whatever, it doesn't matter. Come back every Monday and check out the "new" song and eventually there will be a real new song from Lost Ground posted. We're all siked (and nervous) for everyone to hear it.

We leave on October 22nd for an east coast tour that we threw together to get down to The Fest in Gainesville and back. If we're coming to a city near you come and hang out. Bring food, blankets, canned goods or unused toys. Basically anything you'd bring to a homeless shelter and donate around Christmas time will be treated like gold by us when we're on tour because we're either broke, forgot/lost a sleeping bag or emaciated due to lack of food or malnutrition. The toys are just for fun. Oh! Also, our friend Davey will be on tour selling merch for us. He sings in a CA based band called All Teeth. Check em out. He is out with The Swellers right now so go to one of their shows and give him a hard time. And then a tip. Anyway, enough rambling. Here are the dates:
10.22-@ The Studio at Webster Hall- New York, NY(CMJ Showcase)
10.23-@ The Yippie Cafe- New York, NY
10.24-@ The Wounded Healer-Pitman, NJ
10.25-@ The Belly Of The Beast-Parkersburg, WV
10.26-@ The Brickhouse-Nitro WV
10.27-@ Legitimate Business-Greensboro, NC
10.28-@The Soapbox-Wilmington, NC
10.29-@The Oasis-Charleston, SC
10.30-@ The Fest-Gainesville, FL
10.31-@New Brookland Tavern-West Columbia, SC
11.01-@The Peppermint Beach Club-Virgina Beach, VA
11.02-@ TBA-Richmond, VA
11.03-@Charm City Art Space-Baltimore, MD
11.04-@ The Warehouse-Somerset, NJ
11.05-@TBA-Wilkes-Barre, PA
11.06-@ The Oneonta Armory-Oneonta, NY
11.07-@The Wallingford American Legion-Wallingford, CT

Lastly, I'd just want to let you know that we have a Twitter account. I made it a while back and never really advertised it because I was kind of embarrassed but all the cool kids are doing it now and it seems like less and less people are checking Myspace these days. The URL is just www.twitter.com/defeater. There is a Facebook page floating around somewhere too but Im sure it desperately needs updating.

Alright, that's it for now. We'll be sure to remind everyone with bulletin posts, twitter updates and maybe even Facebook messages about the songs being added every Monday and we hope to see you come out to a show.

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