Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh yeah.

You're probably wondering about the title.

One drunken night on tour Derek came up with an idea he thought was genius. His idea was to start a blog that contained pictures of us holding/using/wearing things that were not ours. He has these kind of weird ideas pretty often. We usually just agree with him because it's easier than disagreeing and we all know that by the time he sobers up he'll have forgotten all about his crazy idea and life goes on. This would've been just like any other time except this time we were all drunk too. So he pitched us his plan for a blog and told us all about how funny it would be and I don't think all of us have ever agreed on something so quickly in the history of our friendships. We busted out the laptop and started working on it right then and there. As drunk as we were, we somehow managed to reserve the blog name and address. Thats about as far as we got that night.

The blog stayed blank until today when I decided to put it to use. It was easier to use this already reserved address rather than start a new one from scratch. Don't worry, we're not thieves. Your stuff will not strangely go missing after you let us sleep on your floor. Stealing isn't really our jam anyway. We're more into drug smuggling and money laundering.


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  1. You guys keep it real, considering all the shit going on with the Mexican Drug Cartels... hehe

    Anyways, I am excited about the new tracks. Travels blew me away and I still listen to it a few a times a day. Amazing story and such intense emotions. Are you guys going to continue with the concept album idea?