Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drum Sounds, EP news and an upcoming tour.

Hey party people.
Yesterday we started tracking drums for six new songs. I haven't been to the studio myself yet, but I'm told the drum sounds are great. Jay and Andy are hard at work there right now. I'll be there tomorrow checking it out and I'm pretty siked. These six songs will be released on a 7" through Bridge 9 Records in early November. We're trying to work out a US tour for that same time but things are still kinda up in the air.

What we do have planned for this fall is a two week East Coast run to Florida and back. We'll be heading down to Gainesville to hang out and play some house/backyard/warehouse shows Halloween weekend where we'll be meeting up with our friends in Strike Anywhere, Polar Bear Club and Ruiner for the last couple shows on the Bridge 9 tour(W. Columbia, SC and Virginia Beach, VA). We will announce all the other dates soon.

Thanks for reading. I'll be sure to report back with any updates to our touring schedule and recording progress.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Topshelf will be at The Fest this year, gents. We should meet up. I'll give you all a hearty round of HJ's.